Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit

Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit
Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit

Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit

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The Face & Body Microdermabrasion Therapy Kit allows you to experience professional skin therapy treatments from the comfort of your own home! This device is specially constructed to gently revitalise your skin by cleaning away dead skin cells, shrink pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scars.
The Microcrystalline Head gently exfoliates the skin, while the suction extracts debris and oil from the skin and simultaneously promotes blood flow to the area to boost the natural collagen production process. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and firm, and able to absorb skincare products more readily! 

- Unclogs Pores
- Reduces Pore Size
- Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles
- Evens Pigmentation & Skin Tone For Brighter Skin
- Clears & Smooths Skin Texture & Minor Acne Scars
- Improves Circulation
- 10x Increase in Penetration of Skincare Products

Microcrystalline Head: microcrystals and a larger surface area allows for a thorough exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and debris while also massaging the skin.
Small Head: the smaller tip allows for targeted suction on little, surface-level blackheads. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Oval Head: the larger tip and stronger suction works effectively to remove grease particles and blackheads imbedded deeper in the skin. The vacuum pressure gently micro-lifts the surface and deeply massages the skin to promote blood & lymphatic circulation.
Cupping Head: a wide opening allows for bodily cupping treatments to direct and concentrate blood & lymphatic circulation to targeted areas. Use on the shoulders, back, legs and arms. For best results, utilise the assistance of another person to help place the cup and provide the massage.

Instructions For Use:
Use one treatment per week and start seeing results as soon as 4 weeks of consecutive use!
Ensure the device is fully charged before use.
Cleanse the skin with warm water and pat dry. Cleanse and disinfect the attachment head of choice.
Position the vacuum over the blackhead until it’s completely enclosed by the nozzle. Hold the vacuum perpendicularly so that the nozzle is flush with the skin to form a secure seal.
For best results, suction one blackhead at a time. You might have to move the vacuum around a bit when working around the contours of the nose, cheeks and chin to determine the best angle.
Remember to move the machine around, not back and forth. Please do not draw on the same area by staying in one spot for over 3 seconds, to avoid excessive irritation and redness. Please start on the lowest level until you get comfortable with the device.
Vacuum absorption can be set from Level 1 to Level 4. Level 1-2 is for sensitive and dry skin, Level 3 is for neutral skin that is neither dry nor oily, and Level 4 is for combination and oily skin.

X 1 Handset
X 4 Customisable heads
X 5 Replaceable filters
X 1 Charging cable
X 1 User manual

Material: ABS plastic
Suction Strength: Level 4
Power: 4W
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 300 mAh
Charging Time: 3 hours
Use Time: 1 hour
Charging Method: USB cable
Weight: 149g
Product Size: 16.5 x 4.5 x 4cm

Please Note:
Patch test a small section of skin and wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before extended use.
It is normal for there to be some discomfort and redness in the skin for about 30 minutes after use. In the instance of greater skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.
Keep hands dry when the device is in use.
Do not apply skincare products before use. Apply a gentle moisturiser or sun protection after use.
Not for use on existing cuts, wounds, bruises or abrasions.

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